About Us

LEE Marketing & Advertising creates memorable images that engage people. From products, services, and educational institutions, we deliver digital solutions that connect you with your target market.

We develop strategies to increase consumers’ interest in your products and services:

  • Product studies
  • Geographical Research
  • In Store or On-Campus Research
  • Competition
  • Past History of Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Social Marketing Research
  • Online Research
  • Industry Articles
  • Social Media Tactics
  • Digital Tactics
  • Plus Much More!

Creatives that enhances your business’s target with branding that moves people!


  • Exact target market
  • Client psychographics
  • Customer demographics
  • Create the Brand

LEE MAG is prepared. Our tactics and strategies create Leemagnetism. 

  • Web Design
  • Social Marketing
  • Media Strategic Planning
  • Art Design/Director
  • Videography and TV Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copy Writing
  • Audio Design with many talents
  • Internet Lead Generation
  • Media Purchasing
  • Photography
  • Public Relations with Execution

Lee MAG Smart Leads System is a systematic method, created to allow our clients to observe where every marketing dollar is utilized and to analyze each tactic for success.
We also execute media decisions in real time. Thus eliminating the important question: “Will this campaign work?” Our client’s goals become our reciprocated passion.

Lee MAG achieves success with a true collaboration, trusted relationship and business success! Our SmartLeads System is designed to deliver at an Optimal Connection Point, for the lowest cost per lead in that particular market.
What’s an “Optimal Connection Point?”
Imagine focusing on being seen and heard at the most strategic possible moment in time where we can best motivate a person to contact. It is a window where we understand lifestyles, media usage, motivations, language barriers, ethnic opportunities, and a depth of insight Lee MAG started far before the marketing begins.
So, what qualifies a lead as a “SmartLead?”
A SmartLead not only exists at the “Optimal Connection Point,” but is a lead that has a much higher proclivity for contacting us as well as enrolling. They are the sweet spot of your target mix.
How do SmartLeads deliver lower cost per lead?
We leverage research in order to allow every marketing dollar to be the very best investment! We’ve assorted a team of experts who are specialists in research, surveys and media data analysis as well as our SmartLeads Sourcing System which allows for daily analysis of performance. This data allows us to plan, execute and adjust our efforts within 48 hours to maximize impact and minimize waste. In tandem with our ability to develop stronger creative messages built from researched hot-points, we’ve created a marketing system that is unmatched.