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How To Build Customer Engagement

building customer engagement

Effective Customer Engagement Strategies While quality service and high sales will always be essential in the growth of a business, it is also important that […]

Advantages of a WordPress Site

wordpress site

Let Your Business Reap the Benefits of a WordPress Site In industries where competition is strong, a powerful website is vital for a business to […]

Snapchat Geofilter Marketing Tool

snapchat geofilter marketing

Snapchat Geofilter Marketing in Promoting Local Businesses While offline marketing remains an essential stage in any advertising and marketing campaign, digital marketing has established a […]

How Lee MAG Stays Community Oriented

community oriented

Lee Marketing and Advertising Group Thrives with Community Oriented Mindset  It was only fitting when Lee Marketing & Advertising Group INC recently loaded up the […]

Video Advertising for Businesses

video advertising

The Effectiveness of Video Advertising There is a plethora of methods to market a service or product via the internet. Any advertiser can choose from […]

What is Traditional Marketing?

traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing Breakdown and Benefits Traditional marketing is a strategic approach used to reach broad audiences and bring in customers or clientele for a business’ […]

The Effectiveness of a Presentable Website

presentable website

Why Your Business Should Have A Presentable Website There are a multitude of reasons why a business should worry about the appearance and impression of […]

The Importance of Print Ads

print ads

How Print Ads can be Effective in Advertising   While digital might be all the rage today, print ads still play a large role for […]

Utilizing Instagram Ads

instagram ads

How Instagram Ads can be Beneficial to Your Business Many business owners, large and small, do not realize that they can run ads through Instagram […]

Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Firm

Marketing Firm

Advantages of Utilizing a Marketing Firm Any small business owner knows that the one of biggest challenges with running their business is not just attracting […]