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The Importance of Print Ads

31 March 2017
print ads

How Print Ads can be Effective in Advertising


While digital might be all the rage today, print ads still play a large role for all businesses – large and small. What are print ads or print advertisements? They are advertisements that are physically printed in newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct mailers or even on bus wraps to name a few.

The most well-known example is newspapers. They allow a business, small or large, to reach readers on a local, regional or national level. For example, in Sacramento alone one can subscribe to national newspapers such as The New York Times or a regional newspaper like The Sacramento Bee or even more local and targeted – Sacramento Business Journal. The great thing about these three examples is that they reach different demographics. The New York Times is more likely to be read by those who are more likely to have a post-graduate degree and who make more money, The Sacramento Bee will be read by locals some college and post-graduates and visitors in the area, whereas the Sacramento Business Journal will be read by those in the local business community who are educated and run a business. Lee Marketing and Advertising Group Inc. can help your business figure out which newspapers are best to place ads. Lee MAG can also help create a strategy that incorporates other print media such as magazines. Magazines allow ones business to target even more specific demographics on a national or local level – NBA fans, West Coast business owners or California gardeners.

Another print ad that your business may have not thought about before is billboards. Even if one is driving down the freeway at 65 mph, a creative or witty billboard will still catch your attention. Billboards are effective not only due to their sheer size, but also due to the number of consumers that will see it time and time again. One trick to get consumers to connect with a brand is repetition. When consumers, young and old, rich and poor, drive by an effective billboard every single day while sitting in traffic they want to learn more about the brand. Additionally, if your organization is trying to organize a one-time event or public awareness campaign where the goal is to reach a broad group of individuals – a billboard may be one effective part of an overall marketing and advertising strategy.

Other types of print ads that are effective are direct mailers and bus wraps, although for different reasons. Direct mailers are particularly useful if your business is trying to target a specific demographic or neighborhood. Maybe your restaurant is struggling to attract diners from outside of a five mile radius. Lee Marketing and Advertising Group can help your business reach those diners. Bus wraps are useful because drivers, passengers and even pedestrians will see your business’ message.


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