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Getting to the Top with SEO Marketing

Whenever a question arises that nobody in the room can answer, most internet-savvy individuals choose to simply search the question on Google. But what determines which answer will be at the top of the list? There is a complex algorithm used by Google that determines the relation and effectiveness of each link in relation to the word or phrase that is searched. For any company, being in the top few results of a Google search is something that is aimed for. The way that organizations get their websites at the top of the results list is by using SEO marketing. SEO, or search engine optimization is a technique that marketers use to improve their company’s standing on Google.

When it first came around in the early 2000’s, SEO marketing was focused on attempting to ‘trick’ the Google algorithms in order to get to the top of the list. Recently, Google has tweaked its’ algorithm to disallow certain results from appearing. In order to keep a positive relationship with Google and its’ searches, marketers must follow strict SEO guidelines that regulate the amount of times a key word or phrase is used on one web page. What was once a matter of simply flooding the system with key phrases is now a complex process that filters results based on credibility, accuracy, and quality.

What makes this type of marketing challenging is following the strict guidelines set by Google and using the correct and applicable key words or phrases efficiently. The need to keep content relevant and fresh is another challenge that marketers face. Although it is great to be at the top of the search results for one key phrase, most companies prefer multiple front page appearances with various key words. The importance of SEO has grown exponentially over the past few years, and now more than ever organizations are scrambling for top spots on Google’s results page.

SEO marketing has become such a large part of marketing that new departments and even entire organizations have been developed to focus strictly on SEO. At Lee Marketing & Advertising Group, our SEO team works hand in hand with blog content writers and the social media department to ensure the message reaches the target audience across a broad spectrum. This continuous focus on SEO throughout content creation allows for comprehensive and powerful results, leaving our message at the top of the Google search charts.

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