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Utilizing Instagram Ads

23 March 2017
instagram ads

How Instagram Ads can be Beneficial to Your Business

Many business owners, large and small, do not realize that they can run ads through Instagram and are missing out on a great business opportunity. In fact, if your business is ready to take the next step and your competitors are not running Instagram ads you’ll stand out. With an appropriate social media strategy in place and a strong Instagram presence, your Instagram ads can help bring in more customers than before. This is especially true if your business has qualities than can be explained better with pictures than words. For example, a landscaping company can use Instagram to show potential clients how it can transform a yard into an oasis.

According to Instagram’s very own statistics, in December of 2016 there were over 600 million “Instagrammers.” Even more important, 100 million of those users joined within the last six months of 2016. This means that more and more people, young and old, are flocking to this social media outlet. These users are not only sharing their personal photos with friends, but also trying to create a connection with brands they know and love, as well as connect with unfamiliar brands. Instagram ads are a great way to show off your business’ creative and artistic side. For example, you’re a local glass blower and want to expand your customer base. If you are not already on Instagram, that is a huge mistake. With Lee Marketing and Advertising Group Inc.’s help, a small business owner could set up an account, post photos and start creating an Instagram Story. Instagram Stories allow business owners to add a personal touch and more intimately connect with followers during a less than photo worthy moment. A successful story will have both serious and funny elements, posted at the right moment for maximum effect.

Now say that a business owner wants to interact with a specific demographic or people interested in their type of products, is that possible? Yes, Lee MAG can filter and target Instagram users that meet your demographics needs and wants. Our marketing team will guide a business through the complex world of social media to ensure your ads are seen by the right consumers. Our team can also help run ads that send users to a dedicated site – your website with additional information or a Facebook event that isn’t gaining traction. Lee Marketing and Advertising Group Inc. can create an integrated Instagram ad campaign that engages current customers and entice new ones.


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